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Student Leaders Want Government to Declare 2020 a Dead Year



The leadership of Uganda Secondary School Prefects’ Association-USSPA wants the government to declare the 2020 academic year dead for all.

According to USSPA, opening school for candidate classes will be unfair to the rest of the learners.

The student leaders also say that the E-learning and self-study programs introduced by the Education and Sports Ministry to help learners because of the closure of schools owing to the nationwide lockdown haven’t been effective and helpful especially to rural learners. 

Fortunate Atwongire, the Speaker Mayhill High School Students’ Council and USSPA member, says that this model of learning is discriminative. 

She says some parents are currently engaging their children in home chores like grazing cattle other than supporting them to attend lessons.

Brighton Ainebyoona, the National President USSPA, says this type of education aimed at helping students necessitates one to be in possession of a smartphone and computer, which are not available for most learners. 

He says because of the numerous challenges, the majority of students haven’t been able to benefit from this mode of education.

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