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Kadaga to Seek Third Term as Speaker



The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has declared interest to remain the head of the legislative arm of government in 2021.

Appearing during the inaugural political talk show, “Behind the Headlines” on UBC TV on Wednesday, Kadaga said “yes” when asked by the host Charlese Odongtho if she was still interested in the position she has served for two terms.

Kadaga, who has served as Speaker for two terms, is credited for standing for the independence of Parliament and has in some occasions taken head-on the other two arms of government to protect the interest of the legislature.

Speaking during the show, she said the current 10th Parliament had performed well at the score of 85 percent.

“I give the 10th Parliament 85% score. The evaluation of Parliament should be against the roles of an MP. We have done the budget, passed laws, represented the interests of the people and exercised oversight. We’ve handled our mandate well in terms of legislation, representation, appropriation and oversight,” said Kadaga.

She stressed that everything done in Parliament benefits the common man and a lot has improved because of Parliament intervention.

“The achievements of Parliament trickle down to the ordinary person. For a long time, we had problems in the fishing industry… the beatings of the fishermen. This has stopped bse Parliament highlighted these matters,” she said.

Other panelists on the show moderated by veteran journalist Charles Odongtho included Bugweri county Member of Parliament, Abdu Katuntu and political economy lecturer Ramathan Ggoobi.

Katuntu said the public has been able to criticize Parliament because the institution executes its duties publicly under the full watch of the media unlike others like Inspectorate of Government and Police Criminal Investigations Department.

“We (Parliament) do everything on camera. CID doesn’t do anything on camera, the IGG doesn’t do anything on camera. It’s only Parliament so that the public knows what’s going on,” said Katuntu.



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