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Kabushenga Sacks Vision Staff Over Masembe , Hirji, Byaruhanga Investigations.



New vision CEO Robert Kabushenga. reportedly sacked two top investigative journalists over Hirji , Byaruhanga story.

The two top investigative journalists were following a story in the domain of social media that City lawyer Masembe and Attorney general William Byaruhanga.

Byaruhanga procured a fake will of the late Karim wife Ziba Charm and assiste city tycoon Karim Hirji through fraud to convet her properties and Bank Accounts in London and Uganda.

Kabushenga is a brother in law of William Byaruhanga, both marry from the same family of Senyonga.
Kabushenga wife is the young sister of the wife of William Byaruhanga.

It is not the first time that Kabushenga is being accused of pocketing millions in exchange of killing publication of stories against powerful men and women.
Media analyst Tamale Mirundi has on several occasions come out to accuse Kabushenga of foul play and being part of the media gang killing government.

It is also reported that Kabushenga is under investigation by state house accused of corruption, mismanagement and abuse of office.

The latest accusations involve Kabushenga exchanging 50M from Masembe to kill of any investigative report into the Karim Hirji and Nanyoga Ziba property row.