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Youth Tipped On Supporting Victims of Sexual Violence



A group of adolescents and trainers from various parts of the country have been equipped with knowledge and skills on how to help colleagues who have fallen victim of sexual based violence so as to avoid negative consequences which may arise.

Recent reports have showed that cases of rape and defilement have been on the rise in the country especially during the ongoing closure of schools due to Covid 19 pandemic.

In a two-day training organized in Kampala by Uganda Youth Adolescents Health Forum (UYAHF), over 40 youths were trained on how they counsel and ensure that victims of sexual violence receive timely attention.

Norah Nakyagera, an advocacy officer from UYAHF says they decided to pick this number from the vulnerable communities so that they can use the knowledge to help the victims as well as educating others

“We realized that many adolescents have been getting problems like unwanted pregnancies, contracting HIV and other problems after being raped. But once they receive psychosocial support, lifesaving medication within 72 hours or emergency contraceptives within 120 hours from the incident, they can have less effect.” She said.

Nakyagera added that the participants would be able to engage adolescents at community level and sensitize them on better ways of preventing the increase cases of sexual violence as well as rehabilitation of victims especially during this time when they don’t have teachers and school friends to talk to.

In 2018, Uganda through Ministry of gender launched the violence against Children survey report which highlighted very high rates of violence against children with 59% of girls and 68% of boys reporting to have experienced physical violence. 35% of girls and 17% of boys were reported to have experienced sexual violence.

However, in the same report it was revealed that most of these children who experienced sexual violence didn’t get any support and services required



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