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Socialite Dorothy Shonga charged with money laundering and fraud. Could face life imprisonment if found guilty



Socialite and “self-made” multi-millionaire Dorothy Shonga is facing a potential life sentence if found guilty after she was charged with money laundering and fraud on Wednesday over the MERAgate scandal together with her partner, Collins Magalasi.

She allegedly conspired with former Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) CEO Dr. Collins Magalasi and Procurement Officer Maulidi to swindle 107,000,000 Kwacha (Approximately 535,000,000 Ugandan Shillings).

Herbert Shonga & wife Dorothy Shonga

According to the particulars of the crime, Dorothy and Magalasi opened an advertising company called D&C Brand Cloud which was used as a conduit for their assumed illegal dealings. An employee of MERA or their business associates is not allowed to tender for any contract as it is inside trading.

In August 2019 MERA awarded a contract worth K107 Million (535 Million Uganda shillings) to their company D&C Brand Cloud which was illegal.

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