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REVEALED! Why Sweet And Lonely Jazmine Keeps On Posting Tempting Pics At A Time Eddy Kenzo Is Back In The Country



For the past one week sexy and yummy singer Lydia Nabawanuka a.k.a Lydia Jazmine has been painting social media with some of her sumptuous and tantalizing pics so much to the excitement of horny men.

Jazmne in her sexy bikini

The ‘Omalawo’ hit maker even caused a social media melt down when on her birthday she decided to post sexy pictures in an all blue tempting Bikini.

Jazmine has been posting sumptuous pics on her page

As usual all the horny Instagram hyenas couldn’t help but salivate at the well packaged goodies that Jazmine had presented to them.

social media think she was trying to send a signal to Kenzo

But after posting all the tantalizing snaps that caused havoc in men’s pants on Instagram many people on social media have been asking why Lydia Jazmine decided to post some of her sumptuous pics at the time Kenzo had come back in the country.


Could she be trying to send a signal to his long time rumored bonkmate revealing how sweet and sexy she has become over the lock down?

Eddy Kenzo is back in the country

Could Lydia Jazmine be trying her level best to tempt Kenzo into some sort of engagement the moment he finally get out of quarantine? These and more are some of the question a few social media nose pokers have been posing ever since Jazmine treated us to a photo shoot bonanza.

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