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Minister Kasaija Urges Ugandans to Embrace Government Projects in Fight Against Poverty



The Minister for Finance, Planning and Economic Development Matia Kasaija has urged Ugandans to embrace government projects that are aimed at wealth creation so that they can get themselves out of poverty.

Minister Kasaija said government programs like the Presidential Initiative on Wealth and Job Creation also known ‘Emyooga’ are meant to help average Ugandans to improve their daily home income, however because many people take them for granted, these programs do not achieve their intended purposes.

“Government’s intention is to help you create some income generating projects so that you can improve your social and economic wellbeing, I urge you to embrace these programs and fully participate in them,” he said.

Minister Kasaija together with the State Minister for Microfinance Kyeyune Haruna Kasolo and officials from Microfinance Support Centre were on Tuesday in Greater Bunyoro Region to launch the Emyooga program in the region.

At an event that was help at Kibaale town council, Minister Kasolo urged Ugandans to improve their saving culture if they want to improve their lives.

“Some of you spend so much money on useless things, of which if you could save that money, you would even be rich. It is important to cut on your expenditure so that you are able to save. No one has ever become rich by spending recklessly,” he said.

The Emyooga program is intended to benefit Ugandans in the informal sector that have come together in Saccos like fishermen, boda boda riders, taxi operators, women entrepreneurs, Veterans, Wielders, carpenters, market vendors, journalists, produce dealers, People with Disabilities, performing artists, saloon owners, hotel owners, weavers, Elected leaders and Youth entrepreneurs.

Through Microfinance Support Centre, government will provide seed capital of Shs 30m to each of the 18 Saccos at the county level.

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