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Life of the party. Who is Etania the new NTV presenter raving up Friday nights?



Etania Mutoni is the new siren that graces our TV screens during the NTV Mix Show on Friday nights. She calls herself “the life of the party” and she lives up to the billing.

While many things are being scaled due to the Covid-19 pandemic that necessitated a three-months total lockdown in the country, Etania brought something a little extra to our screens and the light skinned beau literally lights up the living rooms on Friday nights.

Etania is a 21-year-old who is well known on Kampala’s party scene. She is an events coordinator with Muchachos, a marketing firm known for “lit” bar theme nights like La Paroni’s Sunday night party. With the bars, closed, she brings the party to the sitting room.

Etania living it up at last year’s Nyege Nyege Festival.

During last year’s Nyege Nyege festival, Etania was crowned the “senior life eater” despite her tender age. Her photos living it up at the festival got most likes and the organisers offered her a free pass to this year’s festival. Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s Nyege Nyege is expected to be more digital than physical.

Blessed with natural good looks, light skin, and full lips, Etania is a fashionista known for her trademark bald head and with tinted hair.

To qualify as a slayer in Uganda, you must have been to Dubai and Etania has been there done that. While people were posting their loved ones at this year’s Valentine’s, Etania was disturbing the peace with scintillating photos of her topless, something that should have made some of her male followers lose focus off their dates.

Etania enjoying Dubai earlier this year.

Etania is rumored to be in a relationship with Team No Sleep boss Jeff Kiwa and some blogs have referred to her as Sheebah Karungi’s co-wife. Not that there is a confirmed relationship between Jeff and Sheebah apart from music management.

Etania is close to Team No Sleep boss Jeff Kiwa.

The relationship with Jeff is not confirmed, but at least they are close friends and they party together. Etania’s Instagram has a couple of pictures “eating life” with Jeff.

With 36.8k followers on Instagram and 7k on Twitter, she is already attracting the interest of big bands and she is currently an influencer for Jumia.

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