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Frank Gashumba stings Entertainers in Uganda. Claims they are fake and not creative



Watermouthed motivational speaker Frank Gashumba never ceases to amuse.

A few weeks ago, Frank Gashumba attacked comedians for cracking vulgar and tribalistic jokes. He is now back at it. The “sisimuka” boss has launched his attack on the entire entertainment industry.

Frank giving a public speech

Frank Gashumba claims the entertainers are not creative and fake. “All the entertainers in Uganda are just sketching life. During our Youthful age, creative men like Alex Mukulu could sit down and come up with stage plays that could fill National Theater to capacity and sells out for almost two months something that no longer exists.” Frank Gashumba said during an interview.

This is not the first time Frank Gashumba has attacked Ugandan entertainers. He has often claimed that they are not original.

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