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Chameleon, Producer Diggy Baur Bury the Hatchet



Musician, also aspiring Kampala Lord Mayor Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleon on Tuesday settled issues with music producer Diggy Baur of Sabula Records with whom they have not been seeing eye to eye for the past one month.

The relationship between these two went bitter early this month when Baur accused the singer of assaulting one of the producers at Sabula records.

Baur vowed to take revenge on Chameleon so that he will never undermine any Ugandan producer again on top of suspending him from the studio.

However, on Tuesday, July 28, the two met and settled their differences.

According to Baur, who didn’t want to dig deeper into their agreement, he and Chameleon are longtime friends and brothers who decided to bury the hatchet for the good of the Music Industry and Uganda as a whole.

“We are going to release a new hit this Wednesday with my brother Chameleon entitled ‘Akawowo’ so people should watch out for it,” said Baur.

He added that their relationship can be equated to that of mad people who attack each other and in the end put their differences aside and resume a normal life.

Sources revealed that the aspiring Lord Mayor has apologized to the producer and promised that such an incident will never happen again.

Earlier on, the musician had referred to these allegations as baseless rumors aimed at tarnishing his name especially during this period the 2021 General elections draw close.

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