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Boda Boda Free Zone Enforcement to Start in November



After months of not transporting passengers, boda bodas were finally granted permission to transport them again starting this week on Monday. However, the Ministry of Works and Transport also put in regulations that stopped the boda bodas from accessing the city centre.

Boda bodas are also supposed to be registered to gazetted stages around Kampala. The enforcement couldn’t happen over night.

In an address at the Uganda media center, General Katumba Wamala the Minister of Works and Transport said the enforcement of the boda free zones will be effective on 1st November this year.

“Please take note that Boda bodas must operate at gazetted boda boda stages, and each of these stages has a unique reference code, and each division has an identification color to be worn at all times,” General Katumba said.

He said that boda bodas registered under private companies must register with the Ministry and those that are not under private companies should register with KCCA.

Non commercialised motorcycles and delivery cyclists are ill be given special permits that will allow them access to boda bod a free zone.

For now Boda bodas will continue to access the city centre to allow registration and gazetting of boda boda stages to happen.

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