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1300 entries whittled down to 50 in Sanyu FM “Hot Mic” presenter search



When Sanyu FM recently advertised that they were searching for a new presenter in what was dubbed as the Hot Mic, they received over 1,300 entries. These have been whittled down to 50 hopefuls, who will be trimmed to 20 at the next stage.

Sanyu FM’s Programs Director Roger Mugisha the next stage of the competition will be largely social media following, with “Likes” contributing to 60% and the judges contributing 40% of the socre.

“Judges have been reduced to 40%, your 60% will come from your networks around you to support you on our pages. Everyone will be assigned a number, we will know you as ABC No 49” Mugisha told the top 50 contestants who turned up at the Sanyu FM offices at Crane Chambers on Thursday..

“Go tell your friends to tell their friends to support you on our pages we have between now and 15 July,” Mugisha said.

He also urged them to be available all times whenever they are called upon to show up.

“Availability is very important, please don’t enter into this contest when you know you have another project and tomorrow after winning this you are somewhere else.”

He explained that the talent search is free of charge and that thus no one should approach them for a bribe to help them reach the final stage. The winner of ‘Hot Mic’ search will take home cash prize of Shs3m and will also be offered a two year contract as a presenter on Sanyu FM.

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