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Sheebah Karungi shares heartwarming letter to her brother. Read it here!



By BigEyeUg Team

Songstress, Sheebah Karungi is one person who appreciates her brother’s love and protection.

Taking it to her social media with pride, Sheebah has poured out her heart for the unique man character in her life, cherishing his efforts in making her life gleeful.

She also gets down on her knees with thankfulness for the support rendered by some other few undisclosed men especially during this COVID-19 pandemic season.

Read Sheebah’s letter in full;

This gentleman here is saved as “Main man” in my phone for so many reasons! One of the things am so grateful for during this Quarantine is Time spent with the main men in my life including my favorite, My brother. 

I still can’t believe you tagged along with me for this birthday! I love how we are both invested in each other’s happiness.

We’ve both been so hard on ourselves because we’ve literally been working since, we were kids.

know it was needed as still needed because we still have a lot to accomplish but am glad, we are living a little more now.

Am in a very good place right now because so many reasons but mostly, the Love & support I get from the men in my life.

I don’t know what i would without you guys, thank you for loving me with no expectations.

Thank you for truly caring about my health & happiness, not so many people really care🥂 Mukama abankumire

For over the years, it has been unfamiliar for any man to receive such an intimate recognition and applause from Sheebah and with this message you can guess how important these are in her life.

See photos of Sheebah with her brother;

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