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Museveni says some of the 679 persons announced to have COVID-19 were negative



While delivering his National Budget Reading speech from State House Entebbe, President Yoweri Museveni revealed that some of the so far confirmed 679 persons announced to have COVID19 were actually negative.

Museveni stated that the errors were made during testing by careless laboratory attendants at Makerere University. He said that the Ministry of Health will clarify on the same.

The President called upon Ugandans not to give up on the fight as he said the war against COID-19 can be won if everyone listens.

“We cannot go on begging people to live. It should not be Police to enforce this. If you want to be buried, there are teams in white to bury you,” Museveni said.

He further disclosed that Uganda might have already found the vaccine if it was not for its corrupt officials.

Uganda has now registered a total of 161 COVID-19 recoveries with no death. The Ministry of Health today confirmed 14 new COVID-19 cases taking the tally to 679.

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