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Mao Celebrates Lukwago’s Exit from DP



Democratic Party (DP) President Nobert Mao has celebrated the exit of Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago who officially joined Forum Democratic Change (FDC) party on Tuesday.

Addressing journalists at DP’s weekly press briefing, Mao who has been known to be at loggerheads with Lukwago, revealed that he is not surprised with the Mayor’s decision, especially during this election period.

Mao said that it’s during this period that they are going to find out real members of the Democratic Party from pretenders.

“When a cat gives birth we get both real and wild cats. It scares them and wild cats run away as the real ones remain. The current situation has shown us real cats leaning against the mother party and wild ones leaving the party,” Mao said.

Mao pointed out that DP has groomed a number of politicians from zero and they have been elected in various offices but unfortunately, many of them have turned against the party and abused its leaders.

“I am disappointed by the fact that many people whom we have made are the ones working against the party to the extent of asking many of our people not to contest on any elective position on DP card,” Mao lamented.

Mao added that Democratic Party has free entry and exit and therefore it’s not right for some members to block the entrance for others.

Mao’s leadership has faced a lot of opposition from various long time members to the extent that some had decided to put in place a parallel Central Executive Committee for the party which was recently nullified by Court.

Some members have left the party well as others no longer actively participate in party activities due to the grudges they hold with the current leadership.

After crossing to FDC, Lukwago applauded Dr. Kawanga Ssemwogerere the Former President General of DP for having granted him an opportunity to serve the party through taking on numerous cases against it.

He revealed that his life Card for the Democratic Party will be a Souvenir which will always remind him of his journey within the party.

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