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FDC Postpones Deadline for Nomination of Presidential Flag Bearers



Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has postponed nominations for party presidential flag bearer to next week amid rumours that the party is buying ample time to allow Dr.Kizza Besigye express interest in the position.

According to the party spokesperson Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, picking nomination forms for Presidential flag bearers has been postponed until 3rd and 4th August. Ssemujju told journalists that the decision was taken by the National Executive Committee (NEC).

“The nominations were supposed to take place on Thursday and Friday but because Friday will be Eid.The National Executive Committee sat here last week decided to postpone it to week to allow our Muslim brothers and sisters to celebrate Eid that day,”Ssemujju said during a press briefing on Monday. 

Ssemujju also said that over 500  members have picked Parliamentary nomination forms so far.

“Parliamentary level 512 have picked nomination forms and they are being processed we shall tell you our coverage across the country,”he said. 

He however,expressed concern over delays by electoral commission to avail the voters’ registers to opposition political parties.

“We don’t know what the electoral commission is going to use these registers for if you can’t avail them for political institutions to select candidates,”he said. 

Ssemujju said that many candidates are not sure whether they are in the register therefore the only way a party can know that these people are eligible is when these registers are issued.

He also expressed concern over the departure of senior electoral commission officials noting these officials were trying play marting against president Museveni. 

“It is possible that they might have committed irregularities that’s very possible but the truth is that Mr Museveni wants them out because they were tempting to outsmart him,”Ssemujju said. 

Ssemujju said  the guidelines for campaigns shall be issued to the aspirants after nomination.

He noted member shall qualify for presidential flag bearer only when he or she qualifies for President under the national Constitution.

Ssemujju also warned that members to qualify for the position must be fully party card holders who have no pending obligations with the party secretariat.

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