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Fans Go Wild Over The Simple Online Clip Of Celebrated Sports Journalist Andrew Kabuura With 800M Champion Halima Nakkayi



Fans on Instagram have gone wild over a simple clip that celebrated NTV sports presenter Andrew Kabuura posted on social media showing 800M champion Halima Nakayi endorsing him as the best journalist in the world.

Kabuura had earlier on hosted the sprint runner on his popular sports show the press box and the pair did dissect all the challenges and achievements in Uganda’s track field sports.

Perhaps after having a great interview with the 800 M champions, Kabuura requested for an endorsement from the runner  live on video.

Being the humble Muganda that the world knows her for, Nakayi accepted Kabuura’s request as she quickly endorsed him by saying he is the best journalist in the world.

”Am Nakayi Halima, the world champion and am here with Andrew Kabuura.I think he is the best journalist in the world” Halima said while recording her self on phone.

Kabuura later got the clip and posted it on his official  Instagram handle instantly drawing a reaction from fans with many saying the pair was just instead flirting around.

Kabuura is married to fellow TV personality Flavia Tumussime and the couple has a son together.

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