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22 Arrested From La Venti Bar Najeera



Since the outbreak of COVID-19, a number of measures were put in place by government to curb any spread of the virus amongst people. Among these measures included the closing of bars because they’re places of mass gathering. 

However, a number of bars have been operating under the disguise of having their restaurants open to serve food to their customers. Unfortunately for them, their customers not only come to the eat food, they also come in to drink and have a fill of the night life that they are missing. 

Yesterday, police raided La Venti, a popular hang out in Najeera. Although it was before curfew time, the bar was crowded and loud music was being played. Upon receiving information from different people, police raided the bar and some people managed to escape when they saw the police. 

The manager of recently opened Cask lounge was also arrested for allowing the bar to operate yet it was against the measures that the president and ministry of health have put in place. 

All the suspects are being charged with negligence of the law.

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