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NRM Members Warned against Duplicity as Elections Draw Close



Former Soroti Municipality Member of Parliament also the Vice Chairman for National Resistance Movement (NRM) Hon Captain Mike Mukula has described ‘two-facedness’ as a dangerous habit slowly eating up the ruling party.

In a meeting held at Hotel Africana where he met the coordination team ahead of the forthcoming party primaries, Mukula expressed worry on the increasing number of members without a clear stand in politics.

“The biggest problem in the NRM party is intrigue and cliques. In fact, the biggest problem for NRM is NRM itself.  There are people who are here today and the other day they are the other side. At night they are in another party but during day time, they are in NRM,” Mukula said.

He said that the party should have trustworthy members who preach its gospel day and night but not those who will die for the party any time.

“If we don’t address these things, they will become a cancer that will kill our party,” he added.

He pointed out that although NRM has got many well-off supporters, some end up not benefiting the party because they don’t provide any financial support to it despite the available need.

“I have always done everything within my means to support my party. In the 2016 election, I offered my chopper to fly around the country to campaign for President Museveni for four months. That was my contribution to the party,” Mukula said.

“However, there are many people in our party richer than NRM but contribute nothing to the party. I do support the party with my meager resources,” he added.

The meeting was also attended by the State Minister for Lands in charge of Housing, Dr. Chris Baryomunsi who is eying the NRM Vice Chairperson in charge of Western Uganda seat and State Minister for Tourism, Godfrey Kiwanda who is vying for NRM Vice-chairperson for Central Uganda position.

Kiwanda told the coordinators that it is high time they ensured Mukula returns to the Central Executive Committee considering the many sacrifices he has made for the ruling party.

The two ministers, however, wooed Mukula’s coordinators to help them convince voters so they too could join the Central Executive Committee.

The race for the Central Executive Committee (CEC) top positions in the ruling NRM party has taken shape with incumbents battling with party members for regional vice-chairpersons.

According to the NRM electoral commission roadmap, between August 7 and 8, 2020, the party will hold its National Delegates’ Conference in line with Covid-19 guidelines to elect the presidential flag bearer, national chairperson and vice-chairpersons.


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