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Two High Ranking DP Members Suspended for Forging Party Cards



Two high ranking members of the Democratic Party, Shafik Dembe and Lukyamuzi Didas have today been suspended from conducting party duties for trying to manipulate the organization’s database.

It is understood that the above mentioned went as far as forging the signature of Gerald Siranda Black and attaching a party seal that is hard to get.

DP President made this announcement while addressing members of the press at the Party’s headquarters in Kampala on Tuesday.

Speaking today, he said this development followed an internal investigation that found the duo culpable of issuing fraudulent Party Membership cards.

“I understand the man we appointed as the acting National Organizing Secretary Mr. Shafic Dembe and the regional representative for Ankole, Mr. Lukyamuzi Didas have forged membership cards,” Mao disclosed.

Suspending them, he warned that the party would not tolerate any kind of indiscipline as long as he is still in charge of the party.

“I have already decided to suspend the work of those two officials with immediate effect and I will report my decision to the National Executive Committee (NEC), Mao disclosed.

Going forward, he called upon all the recipients of these fake cards to return them to the party headquarters to enable it conduct further investigations.

In the same vein, Mao vowed to take tough measures against some DP leaders from Kampala that he said have been conducting fake party elections across the country.

At the moment, he says that they are almost done with grass-root elections and are studying whether they can possibly hold a national delegates conference in the near future.

“Finally I want to report 68% of the districts in Uganda have completed their grass root processes. We expect that in the next two weeks all districts will have new leadership teams,” Mao summed it up.

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