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Kyankwanzi: AU Diplomat Michael Katungi Joins Politics



The African Union diplomat and security policy analyst for Uganda, Michael Katungi attached to AU headquarters in Addis Ababa has announced that he is returning to join politics.

Katungi announced Monday that he intends to stand for Butemba Constituency in the forthcoming general elections.

According to him, he has amassed a lot of experience which can enable him to contribute to the community in Butemba both socially and economically.

“I have always been a passionate advocate for economic inclusion and improving

household income for all Ugandans for over 20 years,” said Katungi.

“I feel my experience and attained skills are an essential tool to empower and uplift the communities of Butemba constituency and Kyankwanzi district to ultimately improve their household incomes and join the rest of the country as we march towards a middle-status country,” added the diplomat.

He has been involved in defence, security, and diplomacy at the national, regional and

Continental political arena for many years

He said that Kyankwanzi district part of Lukoola (Luwero Triangle), has always remained a cradle of Resistance Movement and being a strong supporter of the NRM revolution. That’s why he has chosen to settle and contribute to the community both socially and economically through farming and various charitable ventures.

It is noted that some challenges facing the area include among others the low prices of agricultural produce, poor livelihoods which are impaired by bad roads, water scarcity, lack of hospitals, ethnic contentions, and high illiteracy rates.

“I experience these challenges first hand and relate to every negative sentiment that arises out of these problems and I have noticed that this has led the community to believe that this is their normal life and that development is out of reach for them,” noted Katungi.

“I have learnt that immediate intervention is required to change mindsets for the community to realise that progress and development that favours even the lowest income household in the community is possible.”

Katungi revealed that he has nurtured strategic connections and a resourceful network of individuals, organisations and government agencies through his service that he intends to leverage upon to realise the district’s development plan which aims to increase average household incomes and improve the quality of life of the people of Kyankwanzi district.

He will be battling the incumbent Kamusiime Pentagon.

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