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2021 POLITICAL WATCH: Diini Kisembo poses threat to Kyaligonza seat



Dr. Kisembo



Diini Kisembo, a medical doctor by profession is a Young Turk from the Bunyoro sub-region who is into philanthropy. He is seeking the coveted vice presidency seat on the Central Executive Committee (CEC) for Western region, the second highest organ of the NRM party. But can he upset the applecart and send the incumbent Maj Gen Kyaligonza Matayo packing?

Many of those we spoke to claim that it’s not out of reach for Kisembo to clinch the seat from the bush-war commander who is currently Uganda’s ambassador to Burundi.

“He is quite popular and his community outreach programmes have touched the grassroots and helped the underclass,” revealed John Mugisa a resident of Kagadi town.

Matayo Kyaligonza has served two terms as a member of CEC and he was thrust in the crosshairs when he threatened to slap Odrek Rwabwogo, a businessman who sought his seat in the last election.

With pressure mounting, Kyaligonza was unopposed after Rwabwogo and Hakeem Lukenge pulled out of the race in 2015.

At a strategic level, Kisembo believes that youthful candidates have the ability to traverse the country and put in practice poverty alleviation programmes.

“He has tried to engage youths in income generating activities and countered the people power groups in Bunyoro,” revealed Peter Asera who lives in Kagadi.

Under the Bunyoro Kitara Youth Initiative for Development, an association he started, many youths have been enrolled into Agriculture.

As the corona pandemic spread across the world and as it began to set foothold here in Uganda, Dr Kisembo rushed to various radios across the country asking locals to enforce preventive measures such as social distancing.

His campaign dubbed ‘I am safe my neighbour is not’ gained traction with locals across the country.

Kisembo has participated in public interest litigation when he filed a suit in the High Court against the Attorney General in 2012. Under Health Watch Uganda, an NGO he runs, Kisembo demanded that government offers treatment centres for nodding syndrome children and provides welfare to the victims of this ailment.

In its civil suit, the organisation alleged that the defendant government violated the right of children of Kitgum, Gulu, Pader and Lamwo districts as enshrined under articles 22 and 45 of the Constitution.

The organisation sought a court order directing the government to put in place adequate effective facilities to treat and control the spread of nodding disease in affected areas. Kisembo’s appeal cuts across the spectrum and he is quite popular across the four regions and amongst the youths and elders.

He also sued government over the compensation of locals who are residing at Bukasa, where an inland port will soon be constructed.

The government has since then earmarked shs 15bn to commence compensating residents of Bukasa in Kira Municipality to pave way for the construction of the Bukasa port, which is expected to commence in July this year.

According to the permanent secretary, ministry of works Waiswa Bageya, the government is supposed to compensate 2,700 project-affected residents and the estimated cost is about Shs29 billion.

Kisembo has also facilitated the formation of music associations across the Bunyoro sub-region to compose campaign songs for the president for the 2021 presidential poll.

He also established an education bursary for the best performing students in Bunyoro.

Whereas the corona pandemic has thrown a spanner in the works, Kisembo has not sat on his laurels. He continues to educate communities on the dangers of the pandemic and has traversed many parts of the country preaching the message of safety.

He has endeared himself to the youths by crafting a message of hope anchored on pragmatism.

Kisembo has also not engaged in nitpicking and personal attacks against Kyaligonza he respects as an elder and historical commander. “He does not advocate for confrontational politics but that of co-existence,” said a source close to his campaign who spoke on condition of anonymity.

A campaign of this kind requires a financial war-chest so who is funding Kisembo? Kisembo is an entrepreneur who supplies medical equipment to a number of hospitals across the country.

He may not have billions of shillings to dole out to the electorate but he has enough funds to sustain a clean campaign out and be able to reach out every pocket of the country.

In the rules of the party, the regional vice-presidents will be elected by the entire delegates of the party at the NRM delegates conference.

It is not certain when the delegates conference will take place but the president during an interview with NBS last week when asked about the 2021 elections revealed that, “It will be madness to say you go and people gather. I don’t think it will be wise.”

With uncertainty on exactly when campaigns will rollout and the NRM primaries will be held, Kisembo believes that whereas the corona virus has brought life to a halt, it has given the president the pedestal to illustrate his leadership skills.

Uganda has one of the lowest covid 19 infection rates in the region and is yet to register any fatality.

“This is because the president is steadfast and is able to manage complex situations such as covid 19, we still need him and he has demonstrably showed his leadership acumen during this crisis,” revealed Kisembo during a meeting with youths in Hoima.

Kisembo believes that he can be the fulcrum between the youths and the old guard if he is elected to the position of vice-presidency western region.

As the people power fever sweeps across the country, Kisembo believes that he can harness the skill and mentorship from the old guard to pass a message to the youths and counter dissenting voices

His philosophy has largely been constructed by the leadership skills of civil rights leader Martin Luther King and anti-apartheid icon, Nelson Mandela.

Kisembo believes that leaders must offer visionary to locals to uplift them from poverty and also promote truth telling and reconciliation.

As the clock ticks towards the NRM primaries, Kisembo remains a beacon of hope that youthful leaders can transform society.








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Making sense of a thick neck Museveni cabinet




President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni



A thick neck isn’t defined by a certain measurement. Rather, it’s measured in proportion to the rest of your body in terms of height, weight, and composition.

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Accordingly, the same description can be said of the latest cabinet reshuffle by President Yoweri Museveni.

The naming of former Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence operative and a one term Education Minister Maj. Jessica Alupo, Vice President and Robinah Nabanja, the Kakumiro district Woman Member of Parliament as Prime Minister perfectly suits the above description.

Politically both ladies are suitable for their positions but will they match the game of the day?  A quick look at Maj. Alupo, she has been politically struggling to make a return from political oblivion after she was beaten by Violet Akurut who defeated in 2016 Katakwi district Woman seat, Alupo, apart from her spying skills, she hasn’t gained much experience that comes with job of Vice President. Yes, she could be loyal to her party but in terms of real state craft, Alupo can’t match the likes of Prof. Gilbert Bukenya and Dr. Specioza Wandira Kazibwe. In picking Maj. Alupo, Museveni could have wanted to deflate Busoga politics by bringing in a Catholic and from Teso also in Eastern Region since the Teso overwhelming voted for him. Anyway, that said but what is the job of VP? And perhaps President Museveni wanted amuse the Iteso with presidency convoy that comes with VP status as described by Maj. John Kazoora in his book.

President Museveni talking to Akurut and Alupo at his campaign in Katakwi last year. (Picture by Godfrey Ojore /NV)

Enters Robinah Nabanja, the Kakumiro/ Kibaale iron lady, is a loyal servant of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) having started as a mobilizer, Resident District Commission to Member of Parliament, State Minister of Health in Charge of General Duties and now Prime Minister.

Nabanja is assertive and a go-getter. She is a mobilizer but little is known about her in matters of boardroom politics. The Office of the Prime is the second highest department in government after presidency, it is vital and coordinates key ministries and government agencies and therefore, with Nabanja being named PM, will she be up to the task given that the office she is given needs someone of a critical thinker and a leader?

The PM is the leader of government business in parliament and is mandated to coordinate all government interests. The previous PMs that have served in the same position have proven that indeed one must be equal to the task as demonstrated by late Prof. Apolo Nsibambi, John Patrick Amama Mbabazi and Ruhakana Rugunda. But it is never too late, let’s accord PM Nabanja her time.


Rebecca Kadaga as 1st Deputy PM and Busoga politics

Rebecca Kadaga

The former Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has been nominated as 1st Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of East African Affairs. She takes over the affairs of the East African region. The slot of 1st Deputy Minister has been unoccupied with Ministry of East Affairs being run separately. She is deputy to Nabanja. However, her appointment is surprising given that she is a former Speaker, could it be that it was her own downplaying of VP position that Museveni didn’t name her VP?

Still in Busoga, Museveni named former Gender State Minister Lukia Isanga Nakadama as 3rd Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Without Portfolio, she replaces late Kirunda Kivejinja a fellow Muslim. She is from the greater Iganga district and has wide network of Muslim networks. Political experts believe that the reentry of Isanga to cabinet as 3rd Deputy Prime Minister was to balance the politics of day given that Kadaga who previously served as Speaker had been reduced to 1st Deputy PM and remains a popular figure in the region.

Busoga further saw the entry of NRM Secretary General Justine Lumumba as Minister of General Duties office of the Prime Minister, Mariam Dhoka Babalanda as Minister of Presidency replacing a fellow Musoga Esther Mbayo.

Lukia Isanga Nakadama


Sanctions/ ICC factor and historical factors


With reported Untied States travel and economic sanctions looming on heads of individuals that were listed by United States government, President Yoweri Museveni hasn’t taken a gamble with those threats. And that is why is so.

General Elly Tumwine the outgoing Secretary Minister is among the names that were listed as to have violated rights of Ugandans during the just concluded elections. Coupled with arrogance in which he exhibited himself to the public, it was prudent that Museveni had to send Tumwine home though he has gone back to his docket of Senior Presidential Advisor on Security.

Gen. Elly Tumwine, security Minister.

Sam Kutesa He is another former Minister whose name has been soiled with bad scandals and publicity for a long time. Kutesa has maintained that he has been a target by his colleagues and detractors because of his closeness to the first family but that hasn’t helped as his name keep on coming in many alleged international scandals. However, sources say Kutesa had opted to retire from mainstream politics and this could be explained why he never contested for his parliamentary seat.

Sam Kutesa

Ruhakana Rugunda popularly known as Ndugu, is the outgoing PM who has finished his five years as Prime Minister smoothly. He leaves the show a clean as he came. He has been appointed as Special Envoy for Special Duties Office of the President. With Rugunda, Kutesa and Tumwine out, this leaves Museveni with only two historical in government and these are Major Generals Kahinda Otafiire incoming Internal Affairs Minister and Jim Muhwezi, Security Minister.

Former Prime Minister Dr Rugunda.


Entry of Gen. David Muhoozi the outgoing Chief of Defence Forces has been appointed new State Minister of Internal Affair, he replaces Obiga Kania who has been moved to Lands. Muhoozi’s appointment has received warm welcome among his peers who see him as clean and young man who is likely to being new energies with new strategies in government that is mostly dominated by the old guards.

Gen David Muhoozi

Muhoozi distinguished himself a strict observant of the law and that can explain why his name has never surfaced among those that violated human rights as alleged by US.


Kiryowa Kiwanuka also known as KK is another smart chap that comes in as Attorney General. He has previously played behind scenes in major legal battles regarding President Museveni and government.

Kiryowa Kiwanuka

So, the thick neck cabinet which has been named will be associated with power and strength. it is large enough but nothing much will be gotten out of it as described by the two individuals above (Vice President and Prime Minister).







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NUP endorses Nalukwago Judith as Makerere University Guild Presidential aspirant




Nalukwago Judith

The National Unity Platform (NUP) has endorsed Judith Nalukwago as Makerere University Guild Presidential aspirant.

Nalukwago was endorsed shortly after the young Makerere strike machine; Obed Obedgiu Derrick opted out of the race. Obed announced that he will not be offering himself as a candidate in the highly anticipated Mak guild elections as the new election roadmap is yet to be released.

“Salutations to you friends, I shan’t offer myself as a candidate in the forthcoming elections as was the case earlier. Thanks to all and sundry for the unwavering support,” Obed wrote on Facebook.

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Although Obed had won the flag bearer primaries early before the closure of the University due to the Covid-19 pandemic break-up, he has decided to give way to the fellow people power member Judith Nalukwago to aspire and promises undying support for her.

In a series of posts on her social media handles, Nalukwago announced that she will be running for the position of Guild President. She says that the seat of the Vice Guild President offered her an opportunity to assert her beliefs and push more for affordable education and education reforms.

“The Vice Guild Presidency presented to me a great opportunity to assert those beliefs and push more for affordable education and address systematic injustice against students in general and women in particular. This struggle is always a work in progress,” Nalukwago said.

She added, “The task before us is an uphill one, but the power of our resolve will be the steam that gets our train moving. In the coming days, I will share broadly about this noble aspiration and what I have in plan for us all.”

Makerere University might get a female guild president after seven years. Anne Adeke Ebaju is the Youth Female Representative in Parliament.

The University now has four candidates in the race; Tumusiime Joseph (independent), Ogutti Aaron (independent), Muhwezi Maczxxon (NRM) and the only lady Judith Nalukwago (NUP). However the competition is between the NRM flag bearer and the NUP aspirant as they wait for the date of 30th March to decide the new elect Guild President.

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FDC’s Ibrahim Ssemujju Declares Bid for Speakership




Kira Municipality Member of Parliament and opposition Forum for Democratic Change – FDC spokesperson Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda has declared his bid to challenge incumbent Rebecca Kadaga in the race for Speaker of parliament.

Ssemujju, a vocal opposition strongman made his bid public on Tuesday March 9th while appearing on local television, NBS.

Ssemujju becomes the third person gunning for position after reports about deputy speaker Jacob Oulanya also planning to challenge his boss Kadaga.

This story is still being updated.



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