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“They Want To Kill Me” – Fille Fears For Her Life

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By Samuel Frencha

Musician Fille Mutoni has raised many people’s tension after she revealed that someone has been trying to end her life for some time and that if  it wasn’t God’s mercy, she wouldn’t be alive.

The ‘Bye bye ex’ singer made this worrying revelation on her social media platforms.

According to Fille who recently separated with hubby and renowned emcee, MC Kats, someone has done anything to make sure her life is ended and she says she will stand firm because she believes she is made out of God.

You will do anything to Kill Me!
But Every morning you wake and hear That
Am still Alive… You Die More!!! Continue losing your Life trying to End Mine… #AmMadeOutOfGod
 Fille posted on her social media.


Justine Nameere On Run Over Debts

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Former TV host, Justine Nameere who was for the better part of last year involved in several battles with a string of people, most prominently, Faridah Nakazibwe is now back in the news again.

And this time, over debts she hasn’t cleared.

Nameere was also named among people that we mired by debts with her husband, Raymond.

The latest we can reveal is that she is struggling with a 9M debt and been hiding.

Sources say that she hired a film production crew which she failed
pay, something which prompted the crew to report her to police.

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Fille Opens Up On Beating Up Kats Like A Chicken Thief, Reveals One Thing Many Didn’t Know About Her

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By Samuel Frencha

Musician Fille Mutoni has revealed she is a brutal woman but says she is also soft hearted something that looks like a hint aimed at his ex boyfriend MC Kats.

Fille posted on her social media

Fille and Kats who had been married for about five years separated few months ago with the ‘Sabula’ hit maker accusing Kats of cheating while the later accused her of disrespect and being too much addicted to weed.

Before breaking up, the pencil sized  emcee complained about Fille  being too violent to him and things even got serious when she bartered him in public like a chicken thief after allegedly catching him red handed cheating.

And now, it looks the two are taking time to reflect on their mistakes and this could pave way for their reconciliation.

We shall keep you posted.

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VIDEO: Tycoon Kirumira Confiscates All Jack Pemba’s Property Over Failure To Repay Loan

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City tycoon Jack Pemba is currently in serious problems as residents of Munyonyo gathered when court bailiffs forcefully entered socialite Jack Pemba’s house on orders from court and ended up piling his property on a lorry and drove away with them to an unknown destination.

It is believed that they were expecting the socialite to be home with his wife Sheeba Kasami but none of them was there as it is believed that Pemba went into self imposed exile in USA after the anti p0nographic committee hunted him down over leaking his whopper in a video that went viral.

It is said that Jack Pemba acquired a $220,000 loan from Tycoon Kirumira and after failing to pay it back in almost 3 years, court has accepted them to confiscate all his property inorder for them to get back their money.

Pemba is known to have financed many lives of Kampala slay queens who wanted to date loaded men to party with and in turn many pregnant and neared kids. Pemba got money to boast with dope cars,posh houses n fuck cooperate female celebrities so he can financially compete with other he has failed to payback.

Watch the video below:

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