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SAD! Jackie Chandiru Collapses At MUBS

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By Samuel Frencha

Musician Jackie Chandiru had a bad day after collapsing before addressing MUBS students about the dangers of drugs.

Chandiru was supposed to headline the on going campaign to sensitise students about the dangers of using drugs at the Nakawa based university.

According to sources, She was supposed to check on her personal doctor before going to the university something that she didn’t.

The former Blue *3* artist who  is also a former drug abuse victim,  has been in rehab for quit long term in her struggle to fight the vice but was not able to share the experience with MUBS students as she collapsed before uttering anything.

We hope she gets well soon!

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John Blaq Refutes Rumors Of Vinka Hijacking Winnie Nwagi’s Collabo With Him

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At the genesis of John Blaq’s career, the talented singer released a song which featured Vinka dubbed, ‘Sweet Love’ that later slewed a hit.

Word on the grapevine had it that Vinka hijacked Winnie Nwagi’s collaboration with the help of Swangz Avenue management after Nwagi introduced John Blaq to the music label.

It was said that Winnie asked them to financially support her collaboration with John Blaq but at that time she was not at good terms with the bosses. She accused them of focusing more on Vinka, sidelining her.

However, in a phone interview with us, John Blaq exclusively intimated that it was actually a one Hassan of the Hasz Media, the guy behind his first video ‘Romantic’ who took him to Swangz Avenue and gave out his song to Vinka for a remix.

“That’s false, there was no case of hijacking in the making of the song, though i like Winnie Nwagi, she’s a great person” – Blaq added.

John Blaq further unmasked that he has lots of projects in the pipeline with artistes such as Rema Namakula, Daddy Andre among others.

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Singer Exodus Reveals Why Celebrities Left Pastor Kayanja’s Church

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In the beginning of Pastor Kayanja’s 77 Days of Glory (DOGS) crusade which was started in 2017, along the way we came to witness many artistes that got saved every other day that passed and almost all the big wigs and the under dogs of the entertainment industry went for a blessing from Pastor Kayanja and vowed never to leave church according to what God had started doing in their lives.

Now, the same crusade in it’s later season all the celebrities that we saw getting saved were nowhere to be seen in church again and we now see them on the other side of the world enjoying their usual ungodly schedules. Others even have converted to other religions that are not the same as where they started from.
They are literally no longer in church where they promised us in broad day light that they had got saved and that they were joining Rubaga Miracle Centre forever and make the church their forever home.
In an exclusive interview with this website, gospel sensation George Lubega aka Exodus unfolded that many of these celebrities went there with high expectations of quick rewards.
Those ones didn’t go for Christ or Salivation, they probably went for the hype of what was happening and the crowds, with the belief that perhaps if they go there, things will be different only to find things are not different”. – said Exodus.
“I left the streets when i used to earn atleast Ugx300,000-1M in my pocket and went to church. Now seven years down the road, it seemed like i was from a good life to something that was seemingly not helping me at all. I used to sleep in an abandoned house even when i was still serving in Church. But God was taking me through a process that eventually after 2018, when i had gone through the cleansing and the spiritual growth. I received a break through.” – he added.
Some of celebrities that left Pastor Kayanja’s church encompass Jose Chameleone, Comedian Kapere, Qute Kaye, Bad Black, Papa Cidy, Jackie Chandiru among others.

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“Kyarenga” Wins Song Of The Year At Zzina Awards, Here’s Full List Of Winners

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By Samuel Frencha

The sixth edition of Zzina Awards took place on Friday night at Theater La Bonita as best performers of 2018 were awarded.

With Sheebah Karungi being awarded Best Artist of the year song, the awards were dominated by young sensational artist John Blaq.

Legendary late Mowzey Radio was recognized for his huge contribution towards the music industry.

Here is full list of winners;


• Daddy Andre – Winner

• Yesse Oman Rafiki

• Nince Henry

• Charlie Mugerwa

• Dokta Brain


• Daddy Andre – Winner

• Diggy Baur

• Nessim

• Eno Beats

• Atin

• O.N


• Maricachi – Winner

• Mad Rat & Chico

• Maulana & Reign

• Omukebete

• Napoleone Ehmah

• Crazy University

• Amale


• Dididada – A Pass

• Tukwatagane – John Blaq – Winner

• Now – Spice Diana & Andre

• Olumya Bano – Nina Rose

• Aye – Voltage Music

• Bwannamunigina – Fatty Kris

• Olina Work – Beenie Gunter


• Cindy

• Voltage Music

• Beenie Gunter

• John Blaq – Winner

• A Pass

• Daddy Andre


• Who is Who – Feffe Busi – Winner

• Property – Fik Fameika

• Who is Me – Da Agent

• Embuzi Zakutudde – Gravity

• Mafia – Fik Fameika

• Guma Bakunyige – Recho Rey

• Twazikoze – Hit Nature


• Feffe Busi – Winner

• Fik Fameika

• Da Agent

• Gravity

• Recho Rey

• Mun G


• John Blaq – Winner

• Chosen Becky

• Recho Rey

• Rickman

• Karole Kasita

• Co-Sign


• Lydia Jazmine

• Rema

• Geosteady

• King Saha – Winner

• Winnie Nwagi

• Ykee Benda

• Fille

• Chosen Becky

• Toniks


• Heart of a Winner – B2C

• Born to Win – Fik Fameika

• Champion – Jose Chameleone

• Tambula Nange – Mowzey Radio – Winner


• Kyalenga – Bobi Wine

• Mataala – Winnie Nwagi

• Kibooko Fire – Kalifa Aganaga ft. Jose Chameleone

• Bankuza – Chozen Becky – Winner

• Siri Muyembe – Rema

• Wankoona – Sheebah Karungi

• Ndi Mu Love – Spice Diana

• Chips na Ketchup – Vinka

• On My Way – King Saha

• Mateeka – Jose Chameleone


• Team Spice Diana – Spice Diana

• Leone Island – Jose Chameleone – Winner

• Sheebaholics – Sheebah Karungi

• Ykee Empire – Ykee Benda

• Nwagicians – Winnie Nwagi

• Team Vinka – Vinka


• You and Me – Lydia Jazmine and Andre – Winner

• Mpa Love – Weasel and King Saha

• Kibooko Fire – Kalifa Aganaga and Jose Chameleone

• Now – Spice Diana and Daddy Andre

• Pull Up – Eddy Kenzo and Harmonize

• No You No Life – B2C and The Ben

• Atakutya Gwentya – Mun G and Nutty Neithan

• Katubikole – Vinka and Fik Fameika


• King Saha

• Jose Chameleone

• Bobi Wine – Winner

• Eddy Kenzo

• Gravity Omutujju

• John Blaq


• Lydia Jazmine

• Vinka

• Rema

• Spice Diana – Winner

• Sheebah

• Winnie Nwagi

• Fille


• Spice Diana

• Sheebah Karungi – Winner

• John Blaq

• Bobi Wine

• Jose Chameleone

• Fik Fameika

• Rema

• King Saha


• Kyarenga – Bobi Wine – Winner

• You and Me – Lydia Jazmine and Andre

• Bankuza – Chosen Becky

• Siri Muyembe – Rema

• Tukwatagane – John Blaq

• Chips and Ketchup – Vinka

• Wankoona – Sheebah Karungi

• Mateeka – Jose Chameleone

• Property – Fik Fameika

• Replay – Levixone

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